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Elizee Law Firm
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Our Slogan: Helping your friends and family go from chaos to stability!
About The Business:

Ms. Elizee is a former president of the Haitian Lawyers Association. In 2016,  she was voted valedictorian of the Haitian American Chamber of Commerce’s  first top 20 under 40 class and currently serves as a board member of the Chamber. 
She was appointed to the Hispanic Advisory Board of Miami Dade county by Commissioner Jean Monestime. Ms. Elizee is also a graduate of the prestigious Florida Bar Leadership Academy.
In 2017 the Miami Herald chose Ms Elizee to partake in their CEO Round-table series, where leaders in the business community are asked to answer questions  questions for their readers.  
Ms. Elizee was formerly a legal fellow at Americans of Immigrant Justice where she handled a diverse case load. 

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